Dear Ann: Thank you again for your coming up with the new, less expensive design--think it will do just every bit as well, too for the clematis. We are now enjoying the last of the beds which were just finished, and I am pleased to have this now accomplished. By the way, the plant I kept referring to as a Penstemon and which I just loved was fountain grass, Orientale and it is now happily up near the front part of the bed near the flag pole. The new rhododendron on the front of the house south bed are now in, too and look so nice. The new pergola will now go in in a couple weeks.

- Valerie M.

Dear Ann
I was just looking out of the window at our handiwork and thinking how fun it was to work with you. We are so loving our yard.

- Sylvia & Dave

It was a pleasure reading your columns over the weekend (I promptly went out and gave my three-year-old blueberry bushes their first pruning!). You’re writing is clear and conversational, which would make your columns a great addition to our Home & Garden sections.

- John - Forest Grove Newstimes

Thanks for stopping by to help us with our shady landscape project. We learned some good ideas from you. We hope to see you again as we take on more areas.

- Bev and Larry

"It has been a pleasure to work with Ann and she really knows her stuff! I don't have a large landscaping area, but in a few quick visits she was able to give me excellent advice about placement and shared many creative options. Her advice has been worth far more than her fee! She is very flexible and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Ann for any job, large or small! I live in a small subdivision and don't have a lot of time, so well worth it to get advice and save in the long run. In my small lot I was able to grow a plentiful garden of veggies and herbs because of her advice!"

- Tana G.

Our new yard (over 50 plus years old) is now one I do not quite recognize but which I already know will be much easier to maintain and will provide so much more blooming and colorful shrubs in all seasons as it matures. I love that many of the existing plants could be worked into the landscape, something I requested. I now have a sun-protected patio to the southeast, a raised-bed area for growing garden plants and herbs and a rear bank area at the back of the house where the slope is now protected with rocks and good drainage, along with an extensive sprinkler system to keep things watered. Thank you, Ann.

- Blessings, Carole

Marv and I want you to know how much we appreciate the professional yet personal attention you gave to doing our yard design. We're very happy with the results and look forward to having a beautiful well planned backyard. Please feel free to use us as a reference. We would highly recommend your services.

- Mary T.

Thank you for your many contributions to the recent makeover of Community Action's Hillsboro Family Shelter play yard. We are so grateful for the vision and professional expertise you brought to this endeavor. Because of you a barren yard has been transformed into a place for homeless children and families to enjoy time together in a space that is both welcoming and healing.

- Jerralynn Ness

Just a note to say how much I loved what you recommended for our modest patio and porch last summer. Everything worked out beautifully.

Hope to elicit your professional advice some other time soon.

- Patricia

By the way, I enjoyed your pruning article in the last HPSO journal! Your writing just jumps off the page- very lively and fun to read.

- Lori S.

Dear Ann
Thank you so much for presenting the program "Borders for all Seasons" to the Gales Creek Garden Club.
You have so much knowledge and a passion for growing plants. You inspire others to want to learn more and experiment with what they have learned. I know we all got a lot of great ideas today.

- Joyce S.

Just read your 14 Steps article in spring newsletter.


Thanks for that highlight!

- Lori

Thank you for working with us. We appreciate your time effort and talent in helping us fix our landscape plan. Thank you for all the extra hours and the fast response on the plant list.

- Carol & Corey

Again, a great job on the blog. Very nice. Thanks. I will post this at the end of this week.

- Kym P.

HI Ann, Thank you for coming yesterday. The highlights for me were the pictures and the challenges that you faced and how you came up with solutions to the problems. I liked your entrepreneurial approach to renting homes with reduced rent in exchange for a landscaped garden. It was fun to see the growth of the gardens as time passed.

- Robin - Banks Garden Club

Ann redesigned our landscaped areas on two sides of our house which is located in a forested area, in 2010. She did a wonderful job in capturing our landscape wishes, including selection of deer resistant plantings. We certainly recommend Ann for her landscape design skills.

- Terry & Laurie