The Master Plan

arbor The Master Plan is appropriate when your entire property is going to be designed or renovated. It’s also helpful if you are going to develop your property in stages over an extended period of time. It is a multi-step process with three to five meetings.

The first visit is a consultation that will take you through a decision making process, identifying garden needs and wants. During that meeting, I use a questionnaire, a walk through the property and a comprehensive interview, to assess the site and discover the possibilities for your garden.

Next, I develop the preliminary hardscape plan that includes all hard surfaces such as walks, walls, decks, patios, driveways and structures. The shape of the turf areas and the planting beds are also included in this plan. If the hardscape is extensive, I will get a preliminary quote from a landscape contractor, so that you understand the costs of construction before final approval is made.

After the hardscape plan is approved, I create your planting plan. We will view the planting plan along with pictures of each plant and discuss how they enhance your landscape.

At the final meeting I present the master plan, the planting plans, notes for you and your contractor, and any other supporting documents. I always provide a resource list and suggest possible contractors to assist in the construction. I am also available to walk along side you helping to choose a contractor and assisting them to create your desired garden.

Example Planting Plan

Example Hardscape Plan


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