The Half-Day Design

designThe Half-Day Design is appropriate when only a portion of your property is going to be designed, such as your front or back yard. These consultations are generally around six hours — four hours of design work at your property and another two hours in my office developing the plant list, pictures, and notes for the project. It’s an excellent value for those on a budget.

This is a collaborative process. You will draw a scaled baseplan of your garden using my instructions. When that’s done, we’ll set up a time we can meet onsite and design the garden together. During this consultation we discuss your areas of concern, assessing both the positive and negative aspects of the site.

IMG_6192We’ll use your ideas as well as pictures and articles you’ve found that help communicate your desires, to develop practical and beautiful solutions for your site. These ideas will be recorded onto your site plan to create a landscape plan for that area.

First we’ll create the hardscape plan. That includes all hard surfaces such as walls, walks and patios. It also includes structures and the definition of the beds and turf areas. Once you’re content with the hardscape we’ll create the planting plan, choosing the plants together.

When you’re content with the design, I take the drawing back to my office to complete the notes and plant list. Once it’s finished you will have the opportunity to visit my display garden, view many of the plants in your design and pick up the finished project.



How To Site Survey (Instructions)

Example of a Good Site Survey

Example of Good Baseplan

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