display 1Here in Oregon we are blessed with the ability to grow an amazing variety of beautiful shrubs, trees and perennials. Our climate is so good for growing that 75% of our wholesale ornamental plants are sold in other states. With our great growing conditions, why do I hear so many homeowners whine that they can’t grow anything well except weeds? The nurserymen have learned how to grow happy, healthy plants, so clearly there must be a positive answer. The secret is education and follow-through in six areas:

  • IMG_0292Soil – Dealing with heavy clay.
  • Drainage – How to keep your plants from drowning.
  • Plant choice – Do you have zonal delusion?
  • Location – Choosing the right plant for right place.
  • Fertilizer – How much is too much?
  • Pruning – How do we prevent death by pruning?

IMG_9484This spring I’m going to discuss and debate these issues. I’ll tell you what I’ve done and the result; good or bad. We will have an adventure in learning how to help our plants grow. I won’t guarantee to hit all six points in six consecutive Blogs. By natures a blog should reflect what the writer is thinking about at that time, so I give myself the freedom to stray from our heathy plant topics to focus on garden design once in a while. After all garden design is my first love, not including the grandkids.