Your new garden is installed and looks great yet the patio seems blah. What should you do?

Garden furniture and colored accents can create that wow factor that we want in our gardens.A couple of years ago I visited a clients’ Hillsboro home to photograph their newly installed garden.

IMG_0064lince garden

The patio and arbor turned out terrific but it still lacked something; then the client remarked that he forgot to put out the seat cushions his wife had bought. Once he added the red cushions the patio really popped.

arbor 1I thought about that while I was furnishing our New Brighton Beach Patio. Last fall we purchased some nice black metal furniture on clearance at Kitchen Kaboodle. I found two large black planters with a matching lattice pattern at a surplus store and created a coffee table using our new portable gas fire pit, a lovely round piece of decorative metal and glass cut to match the size. They fit the space well but the scene didn’t speak to me. It lacked color and pizazz. My clients’ red cushions kept coming back to me.arbor 2 I found some nice red and white cushions but it still looked blah. This spring at Target, I spied square red umbrellas and a red and white outdoor rug to match. I bought the rug right away on sale and then watched the ad’s until the umbrellas went on sale. The complete ensemble works! Red geraniums in the black pots and a red tray on the coffee table were the last touches. I love the new patio. It brightens my day every time I look out the window at it.

table 2My Italian patio has taken a color transformation as well. We’ve had a lovely soft green dinning set in the garden for many years. It’s a little blah on its own, so I always topped it off with a coral table cloth when company came over.table 3 Last year we bought an Italian ceramic table with six matching chairs while on the Amalfi coast of Italy. I worked with the staff to design the pattern and the colors so I knew it would brighten up the gravel patio. Once it was in the garden I searched the town for the right cushions to finish the look. It took me three months of hunting, but I found some dark red cushions on-line at Kohl’s.  Again, the last splash of color made the difference.table 4