Creating Your Garden

My greatest desire is to help you create a garden you will enjoy. It should be a refuge that is beautiful, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Our first step is to chat on the phone to decide how I can assist in you. Depending on your needs and budget we will agree on one of three design processes.


The Master Plan is appropriate when your entire property is going to be designed or renovated. It’s also helpful if you are going to develop your property in stages over an extended period of time. It is a multi-step process with three to five meetings.

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IMG_6176The Half-Day Design is appropriate when only a portion of your property is going to be designed, such as your front or back yard. These consultations are generally around 6 hours. Four hours of design work at your property and another 2 hours in my office developing the plant list, pictures, and notes for the project. It’s an excellent value for those on a budget.

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The Consultation can cover a lot of different needs including updating an existing design, dealing with drainage issues, or learning how to care for your garden.

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